Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Things My Toddler Has Done: Episode 4

On Halloween he got into the Sharpies and decorated his dresser, Cory's bed, the walls (where I had stenciled of course) and the bookcase.  Lucky for me there was one silver one that wasn't a Sharpie and it mostly came off, but the top of the dresser had to be sanded.... one little boy didn't get to go trick or treating.

I find him in the bathroom trying to climb into the tub and then he shows me his hands and says "num num" and it appears he's been eating the soap out of the soap dish.  (at this point I'm happy I buy very simple basic soap with no added chemicals!)

Got into my makeup and dug a big line across the blush... and then dumped all the loose powder on my white bathroom rug.

Grabbed a small tomato out of the box we have in our kitchen ripening and squeezed until it popped... and squirted himself right in the face and all over his shirt; the shirt he was supposed to wear for pictures a couple hours later.

Yesterday I put on Blue's Clues for Noah so I could take a shower (Cory was gone) and got out 10 minutes later to find him on the floor in the study stamping... which he knows he's not supposed to do.  However, he did pretty good, only getting the ink on his fingers and perhaps a bit on the carpet where he set the stamps down.  The rest of it was on the paper!

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