Friday, December 16, 2011

Room Makeover Done!

Alright, so way back in July I gave you a little sneak peek at what I was painting in my boys' room... and this week I finally finished!  Amazing how long it can take you to do something when you have to work around distractions and nap time...

There's a little alien in the rocket ship!  
(and we won't talk about the missing curtain/rod...)

These are stencils from My Wonderful Walls, which I got to review over at An Island Life (see my full review there).  I let the boys pick which design they wanted and then I've been slowly adding one or two things at a time.  This is the transportation theme.

If you're a perfectionist... it takes 20 minutes to stencil and then another hour to go back and outline everything so it looks smooth.  Darn textured walls!  So if you're like me I either recommend going with the stickers or being prepared for it to take a whole lot longer than a weekend!

I actually liked the stencils because then I could reuse some of them and also customize my colors.  For example, this hot air balloon was supposed to be green and yellow... however I think my father in law might have disowned me if I'd painted that color combination in their room!

Oh, and originally there was a short dresser right under the train so it looked good, but then we got my old high bed for Cory this weekend and rearranged the whole room so I may have to paint a track or something under the train.

And this last picture is for Grandma so she can see how the boys beds now fit!

There are actually quite a few stencils that I didn't even use because I just ran out of room.  It was nice to have so many options!

My Wonderful Walls would like to offer any of my readers 15% off their order through the end of the year.  Just use code WTML15!  I'm eyeing the Flower Garden stencil set for the girls room... but probably not for another year or two!

I received this kit for my review over at An Island Life.  I was not obligated to write here, but it turned out pretty cool!


  1. exciting!! Everything turned out so cute. I know what you mean about being a prefectionist...painting on textured walls is the pits!

  2. Allison12:31 PM

    Looks awesome!

  3. It turned out so great! I bet they boys are thrilled with their new room!


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