Friday, March 02, 2012

35 Weeks and a Little Hospital Adventure

I keep thinking today is Saturday... might have something to do with losing an entire day yesterday.

My poor sick toddler shared his bug with me yesterday.  I spent the day on the couch and about the time Brian got home from school I lost it all... and couldn't keep anything down for 6+ hours.  By then I was pretty dehydrated, which was giving me some pretty strong contractions.  So, thankfully my mom came down to get Noah and we went in to the hospital.

Let me just say up front... I know they have a place and a job to do, but holy cow, sometimes I think hospitals are the most inefficient, worst places to get well in.  Sheesh!

We got there a little after 10, I had called the OB on call and knew they would give me fluids, but it still took them almost 2 hours to get my IV started and I was complaining that I was dying of thirst.  Not to mention they didn't listen when I told them I have tough veins to stick even when I'm NOT dehydrated and instead they blew out both hands before trying my arm. :(

But finally they got both babies on the monitors (oh, how I despise those things!) and an IV in.  It took almost 2 full liters of fluid and me drinking on top of that (they gave me some anti-naseau meds so I could) before I felt like I didn't need anything more to drink.  That's bad!  And for a pregnant girl going 8 hours without needing to pee... yeah.

The girls were champs through all the contractions so that bodes well for later!  And as long as they don't make me lay on my back (those labor beds are ridiculously hard) I think we shall do fine when the time actually comes.  And my own heart rate was so high they wouldn't give me a shot to stop the contractions.  Apparently it makes your heart race and you feel like you're having a panic attack so I'm glad I avoided that!

So it took 6+ hours for my contractions to stop and now my stomach muscles are way sore, but I'm home, slept half the day, and hopefully the worst is past us.

Here's to another week of sleeping in my own {comfy} bed and getting a few more things done!


  1. Oh, my! Glad you and the girls are okay!

  2. Anonymous5:00 PM

    What a night! So glad you're doing better and all three of you are healthy! The time is almos here:)

  3. Oh my goodness! That sounds like no fun @ all! Hope you have smooth sailing till those little girls arrive. :) do you have names?

  4. Glad to hear you are
    All ok.

  5. The good news is hopefully you all will get through being sick before the girls are born. Having a sick newborn is really rough.

  6. Phew! Glad you 3 are well. You're doing an awesome job keeping those little ladies inside and growing! Way better than I did with mine... they were out by now and makin' trouble. ;) Love the updates! I'll hope for no more emergency trips to the hospital. xoxo

  7. I'm glad you are all hydrated again. That's an awful feeling ... as is nausea ... as are contractions. Quit worrying about getting things done and get sleep while you sort of can!


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