Wednesday, July 18, 2012

4 Month Cuties

My babies are now 4 months old!  These pictures won't do it justice since they don't interact with a camera lens, but if you talk to them and they can find your face the both will light up and smile like crazy!

They are cooing and talking to anyone who will talk and each other when they can see each other.

Watching brother who's standing next to me to get their attention

I don't know how much they weigh, but I'm guessing between 14 and 15 pounds now.  Look at those double chins!

This is my wild and rowdy bunch!

Cory wanted a photo of just him with each baby sister so of course I obliged!  Half the time he won't smile for a photo so I had to take advantage of it!

Both boys love their baby sisters and are really sweet with them, helping me out as much as they can.  Noah can be a little rough, but that's only because he's 2!

On Sunday they were NOT fans of having to sit and be photographed.  Here they're giving Daddy (standing above me) the stink eye!

They are pretty good babies, all things considered.  They love to be held and sometimes I don't hold either of them because I feel bad not holding the other one.  I'm working on getting over that.

No teeth yet, but lots and lots of drool.  Now Joy is nursing much better, but Hope has to take a turn at not sucking properly.  I'm still hoping that one day it won't be painful...


  1. They're so cute (as are the boys!)! Can't wait to finally meet your three youngest, and have the girls "play" together!

  2. They are adorable!

    Audrey is growing so big too. My older ones say, "She has the punchiest (meaning = chubbiest!) little thighs!" :)

    Hope nursing is pain-free for you soon. Keep it up! I admire your commitment.


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