Friday, July 13, 2012

A Family Wedding Weekend

Last weekend was long... almost as long as this post (I apologize, but it's just easier to make it one post right now!) and very full and fun. But it's taken me all week to recover and now get this up!

We went down to Portland on Friday, the main purpose of the trip being a wedding on Sunday of one of Brian's cousins.  We had a very late dinner with our lovely friends Jason and Amber and then went to our also lovely hotel.

Cory being super brave!

In the morning we made good use of their gorgeous pool and Jason and Coraline joined us.

Noah being very brave too!

This is how the babies did the pool time...

It was warm and humid in the pool room and put them right to sleep.

Yay for friends to enjoy the pool with!

After we checked out (and swung by IKEA!) we headed down to visit Great Grandpa and Norma. The girls were wearing their adorable matching outfits they gave us and I didn't manage to get a picture with both of them and the girls.  Maybe in August...

 Grandpa and Hope

 This is how we go to dinner in the Manor...
What a bunch of hooligans!

Grandpa met us there and he had been at a Corvette show so we convinced him to give one boy a ride to our second hotel...

Cool stuff, first time for Noah!  
Grandpa said he didn't stop talking the whole way!

Cory got to ride the other way the next day, from the hotel to the wedding...

Speaking of weddings... we were awakened at 8am (I know, we all got to sleep in!) by the brother of the groom calling to ask a) was I bringing my camera to the wedding? and b) would I be taking pictures?  Brian hung up and said, "those were silly questions" to which I responded, "wait, am I supposed to be the official photographer for the wedding???"

Joy and Uncle Dave

Needless to say I called the brother back to get a few more details and indeed, they didn't have any one planned to take pictures of the ceremony.  Also of note, I had just picked up a new camera from my father-in-law the day before... no pressure!

Daddy and Hope

My morning got into warp speed and we managed to arrive at the site almost 2 hours early so I would have time to scope it out, feed the girls, and hopefully have it timed so I could take the pics.  Good thing there were lots of other relatives willing to hold babies and wrangle little boys!

Grace's dad sees her for the first time

The ceremony was actually very lovely outside at a State Park.  It was HOT, but not quite as hot as one we went to last summer.

Jon sees Grace for the first time coming down the aisle

Husband and Wife!

I did manage to get a lot of good shots, now the fun will be in editing them.  After I quit freaking out... because when we got home I discovered that my CS4 version of photoshop doesn't support my new camera.  Good times!  First I thought I would have to get the new version, which would also require getting Windows 7.  But I found a work around for now... gotta love technology!

Oh, and there were a whole lot of baguettes left after the reception as well as some bags of spinach... and no one had bought anything to decorate the car with.  Yum.

But wait, our weekend isn't over yet!

We were at the wedding about 7 hours total and then back to our hotel... it was a good thing we'd swum at the other hotel because this one's was completely out of service.  But we didn't really have time for it anyway.

Aunt Priscilla discovered that we were staying very close to her work so she dropped in on us in the morning... notice we are still in our pajamas!  We don't get to see and talk to her often so that was fun!

Then we went back to IKEA to pick up the second crib and headed home...

Stopping for a couple hours with my friends Amy and Jore who I met through Compassion.  The boys had a ton of fun playing at their farmhouse and meeting cows up close and personal!  Noah was fearless in feeding the larger calf (7 months) and I got slimed by that little black one who had just been weaned.  He wanted his bottle!

Finally... we took a new route home from their house, over White Pass.  The views were absolutely spectacular, but we really didn't have time to stop.  This is a mirror shot.

We got home just before midnight.  Who knew a trip that should take 6-7 hours max could take over 12?  With 4 small children I guess that's how it works!

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  1. Allison5:41 PM

    Wow, didn't realize you were THE wedding photographer! Way to step up and I can't wait to see more pictures! These are lovely.


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