Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Pray for Baby AJ

A long time ago I worked at a summer camp and met a guy named Brett and his mom Yvonne.  A couple weeks ago I sold some of my cloth diapers to a mom through a facebook group.  I didn't know at the time that she was Brett's wife and the baby was AJ.

Then one week ago Yvonne posted on facebook that her grandson, AJ, had a horrible fall and was being airlifted to Seattle with a brain bleed.

AJ is 6 months old and was born prematurely in December.  Currently he's in the hospital in Seattle under sedation while they try to allow his brain to heal.  He had surgery to reduce the pressure and they left a piece of his skull out.  Then on Sunday he had a grand mal seizure and now they aren't sure if he's been having seizures since the injury or this is new.

Today he got a PICC line installed and will need a transfusion.

This little guy needs all the prayers he can get.

Brett and Sarah are now in Seattle with AJ full time so Yvonne has set up a YouCaring site to help them with their expenses.  Every little bit helps.  You can also read updates about AJ there or on CaringBridge.

Every time I look at my girls and they smile back at me I think of AJ and how his parents are missing this smile right now.  I just pray that he makes a full recovery and they see those smiles again soon.

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