Friday, September 21, 2012

6 Months Old!

So, we have 6 month bunny pictures, evacuation style. But dang if they aren't cute, especially against that red couch! Yes, I am that mom that takes the photo bunny with her just to make sure she gets the right pictures on the right day... (last weekend)

Daddy was pretty funny to watch dancing around next to Mama!  I haven't quite managed to get their real smiles on camera so all those of you out in blog land, you really don't know what you're missing.  These girls are soooo interactive and really just want to be with the people.

They have started to scoot, mainly backwards, but also in circles.  They do roll over multiple times so sometimes I will find them 2 or 3 feet from where I put them down, but it's mostly unintentional still.

They will pick up a toy if it happens to be within their grasp, but not hold onto it for very long.  Toes make good playmates still because they can't get away!  And everything goes in the mouth.  They give great baby kisses!

The girls are champion eaters, if a bit messy.  I think that's more Mama's fault though, and something to do with having two babies to keep track of at the same time!  They eat baby food for lunch and dinner now and on average every other night will sleep all the way through the night - about 10 hours.  No teeth yet!

They are still wearing all 6 month clothes, but some of them are getting a little short.  I dug out a few of the 9 month clothes to bring with us since I didn't know how long we're going to be gone.  It's also quite a bit cooler over here on the west side of the mountains and their 6 month stuff is about half summery so they can't wear it now.


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