Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Evacuation Chronicles

Sunday: Day 10 - This is the third day at a third friend's house.  I'm going to call this "friend hopping".

We went to another new church today and coming up the stairs from the kid's section ran into some friends from college.  They've been in Lithuania for the past 10 years or so and just moved back here.  Fun meetings.

The friends we are currently staying with have 2 boys as well as a large golden doodle.  I haven't seen them since they got married 11 years ago after my semester in Costa Rica.  So it's been fun to reminisce (until 1am) and find out what's happened in the intervening years.

Earlier this week we were staying with my cousin and her two little kids and someone brought the flu with them.  So glad my mom was there to help me out since I lost a whole night and then was so tired the next day.  We lost our zoo day, but maybe it's just as well.

Pre-flu I also took Noah to a walk-in clinic because he was limping.  I was convinced that it was still from jumping off a large stack of couch cushions last week (I have photo proof, but no way to post it), but the doctor said he didn't react to any bone or tendon stretching and he was pointing to a large blood blister under his toenail.  I guess it is possible since things were being thrown off the top bunk last weekend and I vaguely remember him saying something landed on his toe.  He seems better now so we'll see how much that visit costs us...

We are a ragamuffin circus traipsing all across Seattle, but at least Daddy got to come stay with us this weekend.  He still has to work and things aren't looking too promising at home.  There's a new fire to the south west that has grown very large this week and they think it will merge with one of our fires.  The highway is shut down so the firefighters can use it as a staging area.  And of course it's putting out lots and lots of smoke.

We've been watching the air quality and particulate counts online and while they are significantly lower than they have been... they're still in the hazardous range.  I guess it's all relative because it looks so clear - friends pictures on facebook - compared to a week ago Friday.  But when you can still see the air, it's probably not really safe to breathe.  Someone even posted a picture of a local icon Indian face with a mask on.

The air quality chart maxes out at 500.  I don't think they have much need for instances higher than that so they didn't make their chart bigger.  But of course the instruments just measure what's there and we pegged out at something like 1100 last Friday night.  It's down in the 300 range now, but that's still not safe.

So the plan is to stay with these friends a couple more days and then go on down to Grandma and Grandpa's house in Oregon.

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  1. I was wondering how you were faring. Glad your out 'friend hopping' and out of danger too.


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