Thursday, September 06, 2012

Labor Day in Idaho

For Labor Day weekend we went to Lake Coeur D'Alene to hang out with some of Brian's college friends.  The last time we'd gotten together was the weekend Cory turned 2.  He's now 5... so it was past time!  That time there were 2 kids, this time there were 6 and we were missing 2 as well.  My how times change!

Unfortunately it was really too cold to do much playing outside.  Noah was entertained for awhile throwing rocks in the lake.  I guess next time we'll have to go earlier in the summer to actually go swimming!

Instead we were entertained in the house and on the lovely deck overlooking the lake.  We even had s'mores one night after the kids were in bed.

Gotta love the early 70's coloring all throughout the house...

This is Eli, he's 1 1/2.

This is Amelia, she's 6 months


This is Amelia and her Mama, Kayle.

We had a good time talking about everything from politics (not me!) to babies to how we met our respective spouses and everything in between.  Some of us even stayed up and acted like they were in college again... with sad results the next morning when children got up at their normal times!

A great way to spend our Labor Day weekend!

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  1. Well, we're traveling in the same geographical circles of late. :D Idaho is on our list - next weekend!


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