Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Seven Months Old!

Well, this past month has flown by obviously!  Lots of changes for my girls!

We've moved up into 6-9 month size clothes while we were away (Brian had to dig out the box and bring them over one weekend so I could switch them out!).  Last Friday we went for a check up and while they are not nearly as big as the boys for twins they are right on track.  Just under 50% each.  Joy was 15 pounds 5 ounces and Hope was 15 pounds 3.5 ounces.  Which is basically the equivalent of a wet diaper.  Hope measured slightly longer at 26 1/4 inches while Joy was 25 3/4, but again... accuracy when measuring a wiggly baby?  So they are effectively still the same size.

Hope was the first to get a tooth, just a week after 6 months.  Then Joy got one 2 weeks later (incidentally the same day as cousin William!).  Now Hope's second one just popped through and I expect Joy won't be far behind.  It's made for some cranky babies at times.

Joy started getting up on her hands and knees first while Hope has more balance when sitting.  Now both of them are rolling all around the room, going after toys or whatever catches their attention.  They each get up on hands and knees and sometimes toes, but haven't figured out the forward momentum yet.

Joy is a Mama's girl.  If she's down and sees me walk by she starts to cry to be picked up.  She's also a lot harder to get to go to sleep without soothing.  Hope is just kinda chill on her own.  She will however reach for your face if you pick her up.  It's the sweetest thing!  Joy does too, but she's happy just to be picked up.  They both have the best laughs when you can get them to laugh.

Both girls are eating like champs now, still pureed baby food, but we've given them Kix to chase around on their trays.  Joy can actually manage to get a few in her mouth, but Hope just sits and shrieks until you put one in her mouth.  Both of them actually shriek quite a bit, but Hope is worse, especially at meal time.  I never knew girls were so different than boys in this... so high pitched already!

They really love their toes and it can make diaper changes difficult when all they want is to play with their toes or try to roll over!

Oh, and next to my friend at Bible study's 3 week old new baby... they are huge!  Hard to imagine they were smaller than he was when they were born!


  1. So cute! and yes...girls are. soooooo different than boys :) looking forward to seeing them soon!

  2. Anonymous9:54 PM

    These are the MOST BEAUTIFUL Granddaughters in the whole world!

    :) Love Nana!


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