Monday, October 15, 2012

The Great Smoke Out 2012

So, it's been a bit quiet around here lately... mainly because I've been trying to claw my way out from under the piles in my house.  That's what happens when you leave town impromptu and don't get to come home for almost a month!

The fires started on September 8th from a lightning storm.  The smoke started to get bad that week so we left town.  We finally arrived home again on October 8th.

In between we stayed with 2 different friends, my cousin, and finally 10 days with my in-laws in Oregon.  We managed to visit Great Grandpa and attend a family birthday party that we otherwise wouldn't have.

The air was still mildly smoky this week, but on Friday we finally got a good breeze and then yesterday rain!  Hallelujah!

We came home at just the right time.  I was so ready to be home, but looking back... it was good to be able to go to Oregon.  My sister-in-law and her family were also there as they are leaving tomorrow to move to Swaziland for a couple of years.  They were planning to come up here for a weekend, but this way we got to spend so much more quality time with them.  Brian still only got to come for a weekend, but that couldn't be helped.  I got to know their adorable baby son, William, who is only 5 weeks older than the girls and they got to know the girls since we haven't seen each other since last Thanksgiving.

There will be pictures to come, but since I've barely managed to get them off the camera it might take a bit!

So, readers, what's going on in your life right now?  Fill me in!

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  1. Wow, a whole month! Wow!! I'm glad you made the best of it though. We have/are enduring our first of many rainstorms. It's going to be a long and wet winter!!


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