Sunday, November 18, 2012

8 Months!

My girls are moving!  Joy is faster than Hope at the moment, and has already scaled the baby wall (couch cushions) so we had to make it bigger.

 I took these photos on their 8 month birthday, 
but they turned out a little blurry so I had to take some more on Saturday.

Hope was super smiley that day, watching Cory be silly for me to hold their attention.

Joy just wanted off the couch!

These are the outfits that my penpal, Amy, sent me from Australia.  They came from Target, but I've never seen such cute baby girl clothes here in our Targets!  I'm jealous!  Also, yes, I had to wash them between Thursday and Saturday so they could wear them for picture retakes!

Saturday I could NOT get Hope to stay sitting upright.  She was in a chill mood apparently.
And Joy's expression is awesome!

Joy always wants in on the action!
She's the one that will crawl over to me if she can.

I'm really not sure what Hope was doing with her foot, but this picture cracks me up, 
she just looks like a ballerina to me!

And I have a feeling this may be the last month I can convince them to sit, 
together, and nicely for bunny pictures!

Hope has her 2 bottom teeth and Joy still the one, but with the amount of fuss and drool lately I'm sure more are to come.  They eat Kix and soft veggies (although more end up in their laps and stuck to their clothes than in their mouths right now) and baby food with gusto.  If you don't feed them fast enough or to their liking they will shriek.  They don't do it so much other times thankfully!

Joy sucks her right two middle fingers and if I'm holding her she will reach up with her left hand and play with my earring or the hair at the back of my neck.  Or if she's very excited she bounces in my arms and pats me with her hands. Hope sucks her left thumb only.

They are both babbling much more now and starting to make sounds that could be "mama" and "dada" although I'm fairly sure it's still just babble.

Sisters are very aware of each other now and in their bed if one of them is trying to sleep and the other is awake she will often go and mess with the sleeping one.  Not so fun when the sleeping one is awakened then.  More often than not it's Hope messing with Joy, crawling over and pulling on her ear, chewing on her head or her leg, or one time just laying on top of her!

We have a little mirror that came with a playmat and Joy has discovered the baby in the mirror.  Seriously adorable when she sits there and stares down at it and talks to it!

The girls are both sitting up and playing with toys, something I don't remember the boys doing much, they were always moving and didn't actually learn to sit up on their own and balance for awhile.  Yes, cutest thing ever!


  1. Cutie pies!! I love to meet them in person!!

  2. They are ADORABLE. Every single one of these pictures makes me smile. Especially Hope's ballerina pose.

    Audrey has two teeth on the bottom and is eating most everything we do. She's crawling, standing with support, smiling, laughing, sure sounds like she calls for "mama" when she wakes up in the night. ;)


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