Friday, November 30, 2012


Joy and Grandpa after Thanksgiving
Yesterday I read this post by another blogger.  She's on a trip to Africa to meet her daughter.  This one's about all the kids she can't adopt.

It made me cry, want to wake up my sleeping children so I could snuggle them, and realize how precious my time is with them.

 I also read somewhere this week that a child learns their attachment by the age of 5 and if they spend more time with their peers they may well attach there ~ or not at all.

And then earlier this week another friend told me she's giving her 6 week notice and staying home with her 8 month old, just to enjoy this time.

All of these random thoughts about my children and the time I have with them.

Life is such a balancing act and I'm such a Type A person that it's hard for me to just chill out if there are too many things out of line.  But my children will only be home with me for a little while... Cory's already in school half days and I don't see him there.  He's growing up and in the craziness I don't often get to spend time just with him (time for dates to begin?).

It's hard to slow down, but if I don't, I miss the wonder.  In light of my friend's post I have tried just to take a few minutes more with my children.  The laundry will always be there...  their childlike wonder will not.

Where is the wonder in your life?  Have you made time for it lately?

This is the last 5 Minute Friday of the year.  I haven't been as good at participating this year, but I love the prompts for writing.  I hope you'll consider joining me more often next year!

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  1. I've been feeling the same thing this week! I like to have everything clean and tidy when we have someone over. I want to make the best impression so I spend lots of time in the kitchen cooking the "perfect" meal instead of enjoying conversation with my guests. Just this week I wrote about enjoying the Simplier Season of Christmas and not going overboard with decorations. I've been surprised with the opportunities that have been presented since I started looking for them. Thanks for your honesty today!

  2. Eloise Seaman Morgan8:59 PM

    When I was a young mother, an elderly woman of perhaps 75 observed my three little girls. The house was a mess, two of the girls were arguing. The older woman said to me, "My dear, these are the happiest days of your life.". To myself I thought, "She must be kidding. But. As I pondered that I began to understand the importance of what she was telling me. It changed how I felt about this finite amount of time I had to spend with my girls and helped me to cherish the time. Now at 75 myself, I know she was right.

  3. Krista, this makes me smile: "The laundry will always be there... their childlike wonder will not." It seems that, even in your struggle, you have your sight set on what to cherish. I think it's hard, particularly as a Type A person, to see what's in your heart as more important than your performance (and probably doubly hard as a mom, who wants so deeply to give her fullest), but I hope to encourage you that Jesus sees this desire of your heart and smiles. And you may not "balance" it all well all the time, but he gives grace and more grace, and you will see the wonder as your heart hungers for more.

  4. I read that post too! Made my heart ache to read about all of those babies without homes.


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