Thursday, November 01, 2012

Halloween Crazies

I'm not quite sure why I think I have to do the holidays to the same standards this year... must be my Type A personality...

Anyway, we finally got around to buying pumpkins this weekend - took what was left at the farmer's market - for an awesome price I might add!  Then we carved them last night.

And by carved I mean Mom and Dad did the carving with a little creative input from the boys.  Cory is never quite sure about the scraping the guts out part, but Noah just dives right in!

The aftermath... at about midnight!

This is the only picture we got of the costume crew tonight.  Kinda hard to wrangle a camera and two babies between us!  But thankfully it wasn't too cold this year and the rain held off so we were good! 

I finished the girls' costumes at about 4pm today.  Next year I'm just buying them.  Oh wait, I just ordered some on clearance tonight.  Cheaper and WAY less stressful!  Although I did get lots of comments!

And then we finally lit our pumpkins.  L to R: Daddy, Noah, Joy and Hope, Cory, Mommy

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  1. Can I have a translation of who the younger three are dressed up as?


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