Friday, June 14, 2013


I don't usually put my boys to bed at night.  That's my husband's job and I take care of the girls.  But it's the end of the school year and he's been gone late twice this week, graduation and staff gatherings.

So I put them all to bed.  The boys hardly stop talking until I make them.  I sing "Mama" songs, different from the ones that Daddy chooses.  And they ask me questions like "who is the Devil?" and "where is he?" and "what does supernatural mean?"

And we talk about things when the house is quiet that don't come up in the crazy wild days that are our life.  In words that 6 and 3 year olds can understand I try to explain to them the things that are not of this world.

Sometimes I'm hushing and rushing so I can get things done and have some time to myself in the semi-quiet of the night house.  I try to be patient and answer their questions as best I can, but there is always one more, and one more, and... a 3 year old who thinks he will have a collection of weapons and pick the best one to fight Satan while I try not to laugh.

It's not so easy to listen to boys who babble in the middle of everything, sometimes just to get attention.  But sometimes I think this is the most important Mama job, just to listen and hear what their hearts are asking.

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  1. Anonymous12:48 AM

    I'm you neighbor at Lisa-Jo's place and I LOVE LOVE LOVE this!! And yes, I think listening is one of the most important things we can do for our sons (probably daughters too, but I only have one son) because much can be heard when we are quiet and let them talk.

  2. I love this. Listening to my girls' weird ramblings at the end of the day is brilliant. I'm appalling at actually getting them to rest like they're supposed to!

  3. Oh yes, you nailed it - the importance of listening to our little ones - in all their babbling and comments and crazy ideas. We must listen to their language so as to hear their hearts!! Thank you for sharing.

  4. THis is exactly what happens. I swear I have had that same conversation with my son about Satan. They are all heros in their minds. Love this. First time visitor from FMF. Visiting from

  5. Anonymous8:21 PM

    Listening seems so much harder when adults babble because they want the same affirmation and attention as our children. When adults do it, we call it gossip.

  6. Allison3:46 AM

    Wise and beautiful words! Those nephews of mine are pretty lucky to be growing up with you two as parents. :)


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