Thursday, June 27, 2013

On babies and AC units

Whoever designed our air conditioner clearly did NOT have children.  You see because beyond the fan slats in the front (that are plenty wide enough for little fingers to get in) there is nothing stopping a small toy from dropping down into the fan compartment.

This is how much of said AC unit I had to take apart today to get out a little plastic tea set spoon - that white thing the arrow is pointing to.  After a gazillion screws (and none left over!) I was able to get it back together and our house is now mostly cool.  Good thing as it's supposed to get up to 110 by next Tuesday.  Seriously!

It's been fairly cool and pretty rainy this past few weeks so we haven't needed it... but I've been wondering where the tea spoons went... we came home with three and were down to one (which the girls like to fight over).  Now I know where one was I just wonder where the third one is!

And no, we don't have any higher window we could put this one in as the girls have figured out how to climb up on the couch and access it!

Ah, adventures with children!

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