Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Babies at a wedding

This past weekend the girls and I went on a road trip with my mom to a family wedding.  My cousin's daughter was getting married.  I haven't seen them in years, but I was in her wedding when I was 4 so it was appropriate!

The girls wound up with a new tea set from the lady we stayed with.  Her granddaughters have outgrown it and they had a blast playing with it all weekend.  Hope has been playing pretend with me at home for awhile now, "drinking" out of the stacking cups that we have here and sharing with me so this was perfect!

The wedding was Saturday afternoon in a beautiful old church... that had horrid lighting for pictures.  Not that I would have gotten many trying to keep babies quiet and entertained anyway!  They did really well and there were half a dozen other small children in attendance so I didn't feel too bad when they made little noises anyway.

The bride's niece, Averie, was the younger of two flower girls and she was adorable!  Waltzing down the aisle and forgetting to drop her petals until she looked back and saw the older one doing it.  Then dropping hers by the handful!

After the wedding we moved to the Lincoln Center for the reception.  It was a very cool vintage building... again with horrid lighting.  Here the girls are waiting (and waiting) for things to get started.

The dance floor was vacant while everyone milled around, but there was music playing.  I let the girls down and they danced their way across the floor.  It was completely adorable and Joy was even swinging her dress with her hands.  Unfortunately I couldn't chase and take photos at the same time.  And I would have had to use my flash anyway.

Audrey and Spencer!

The reception was lovely, my cousin had all the little details to make it fun.  From an old key on a tag with your table number to a popcorn bar for dessert and everything in between.

First dance!

The only downside was the photographer "crew".  Perhaps I am just ultra sensitive to this, but they were obnoxious.  There were three of them and they were completely in the way of everything.  You'll notice the cropping is a bit weird in the above photo... because the below is the original that I took without cropping.  And the guy with the video camera was actually circling them on the dance floor!  I didn't even bother to take pictures of the cake cutting because the three of them effectively made a wall in front of the bride and groom so not only could the guests not take any pictures they could barely see what was going on!

The bride's parents gave a toast and then played a music video they had created set to Welcome to the Family.  Oh yes, you must watch it!  All the people in it are the bride's immediate family!  It brought down the house!

We didn't get to stay too late, but had fun and the girls did amazingly well!

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