Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Sweet Sixteen Months

Sweet, and not so sweet when they fight over the same toys and destroy Mama's scrapbooks!  My little monkeys!

These were taken a week ago, but it's taken me this long to get them off the camera and get around to writing this out...

I got just a couple of bunny pictures before they decided to fight over the bunny so he had to go away.

Both girls are into everything, but Joy is the climber and has figured out how to get up on all the couches.  We had to clear off the end table because otherwise she would just get into all of it.  The stand for one picture frame got broken, but it was pretty darn cute when I caught her looking at this old picture of just Brian and Cory and me and pointing to us.

She's also figured out how to get down off the arm of the couch on the other side of the baby wall a couple of times so I'm not sure how much longer that will last.  We've got their room mostly cleaned out and put a baby gate in the door so they have some contained play space again!  Just waiting to get another dresser from IKEA next month.

Hope mainly climbs up on the heater, then the windowsill, then over the arm of the couch to this one they're sitting on (she's resourceful I guess), which is also prime access for putting things into the air conditioner.  Yes, I dug a spoon out of there again last week, but at least it hadn't fallen down inside yet!

Hope is my dancer (as evidenced by this video) and she will dance to any little bit of music she hears, whether from a game, the radio, or one of their toys that plays music.

She says "ah da" which means all done and it's fairly obvious because she makes the sign at the same time.  She also makes the sign for "drink" while saying "drrr".  Joy makes the sign... sort of, and says "wa", which could be fairly close since we always give them water in their cups and I'm sure half the time I ask if they want water rather than a drink.  When we are done eating they always ask for a "ba?" because they like baths.  If I put them down they will walk right into the bathroom even though they usually don't have free run of the house.  They also make the sign for brushing their teeth when it's time for bed.

When they have gotten into something Hope will wag her finger at you when you tell her "no".  Makes it really hard to keep a straight face!  She will also wave if you are going "bye bye" or "night night".

Look Mama, something over there, it's so interesting!

When I weighed them on my bathroom scale a couple weeks ago they were each at 21 pounds and even sitting on the floor level with them sometimes one looks taller and sometimes the other.  So they are really keeping even with each other in growth.  To the point that they each now have 3 molars, the same ones!  I think Joy may have popped the 4th one this week, but for all the fussing Hope has been doing and sticking her hands in her mouth I bet she won't be far behind.

I dug out all the 18M clothes this week and washed the summer weight ones.  We have a LOT of matching outfits in this size!  And a lot of clothes in general, but I might actually need more if they wear these longer than I expected and it gets cool.  Most of what we have is for summer.

They are so funny about clothes, always wanting to check out whatever I pull out and they are starting to help me dress them or trying themselves, putting an arm through a leg hole of shorts or something!

I couldn't quite get Hope to sit up straight and then Joy wanted to move!

And then when I did get her to sit up she wanted to look at sister...

Oh look, Mama gave us toys to distract us!  Joy is stirring sister's tea here... and then feeding it to herself!

They love this tea set to death and it's a good thing there are 3 spoons so they can each have one and one can be missing!  There will be much screeching and wailing if there is only one spoon around!  They will stir in the cups and then feed whoever happens to be around, or themselves.

We are "so big!"

And we have attitude!  I just had to laugh when I looked through these for the first time.  So much attitude these girls have!

When I finally got one "good" picture after goofing with them to get them to focus on me and smile I don't even like it as much as all the other ones where their personalities are shining through!  Oh well, when you have two babies to try and take pictures of you take what you can get I guess!

Like this...

16 months and going on a lot older!

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  1. They are ADORABLE.

    And, clearly, "double trouble." ;)

    At fifteen months, Audrey is very similar - climbing, running, waving, dancing, and...ruining my scrapbooks. Ha!


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