Tuesday, October 08, 2013

A Very Full Weekend

On our way home Sunday night Brian said, I think we've been away more than we've been home this weekend. Which is pretty accurate considering we didn't actually leave town!

Saturday we went out to the park for the Wings and Wheels.  Kinda disappointing that they didn't have Aviation Days up at the airport this year.  It was way better.  But, the boys got to feed the horse...

Noah's hiding behind Cory in this pic

and see some cool cars.

This was Noah's favorite because it was orange... I wasn't so much a fan of the skeleton faces painted into the flames, but it was a very tricked out truck.

The kids from the local junior high put on some children's activities and one of the prizes the boys came away with were plastic vampire teeth... good times!

And on our way out there were remote control car races going on.  You can see one car just right of center in this photo that's up in the air.  It was fun to watch them for a few minutes and the boys REALLY got into it!  We were right on the corner with the track just below the wall.  So much nicer than the "real" stock car races that are incredibly loud and you could never be that close.

This way when the cars wreck it's just funny as they go flipping end over end and one of the helpers runs out to set them on their way again.

Then Sunday we had our annual church work day so we got up much earlier than normal for us on a Sunday!  I was helping with yard work at a lady's home who is a missionary.  She doesn't really plan to live here in the near future so she's going to sell her home.

This is what it looked like when I showed up...

And this was just 3 hours later!  A couple of local contractors were also painting the house.  I have to go back and get real "after" pics this week.

Then we had lunch at church, went home and had naps(!) and went back after dinner for a Hoedown that another local church was putting on downtown!

We kinda missed the kids part and dancing there, but it was fun to see people that I haven't seen in awhile.  This lady, Sarah, was a nurse for me when Cory was born and the girls just loved her!

They wanted to dance, but Joy wanted to stand right in front of the speaker so that didn't last long.  I think she was trying to figure out where the sound was coming from!

The boys got to do the blow up obstacle course and requested that I take their photos.

It was almost dark by this point so I'm pretty impressed with how well my short lens took these photos!

Both of them had a little trouble getting over this first wall, but the rest of it was a breeze!

At the top of the giant slide at the end!

And then the girls were done because unfortunately there wasn't much for them to do and they didn't like being contained in the stroller.  I bought as much time for the boys to play as I could with animal crackers...

Some friends in the firelight, roasting marshmallows.

In all, we had a lot of fun, but hopefully we don't do anything that crazy again for awhile!

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