Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Aunts for the Weekend!

Two of Brian's aunts drove up from Oregon to visit us this weekend.  It's never long enough of course, but we were happy to have them!

They got in late late Friday night and the kids were so excited to see them Saturday morning!

Reading time with Aunt Cris

Which devolved into I'm not sure what...

And then we went to our farmer's market to pick out pumpkins from our friendly pumpkin guy!  We've gotten them from him the last few years.  Always a good deal!  (we'll visit the patch later just for fun)

Aunt Priscilla models the lovely pumpkin she's taking home for decoration!

And you can't have a family gathering without a family photo for proof...

The crazier the better!

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  1. Allison11:30 AM

    I love seeing pictures! Miss you all!!


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