Sunday, April 20, 2014

Real Easter Pics

As opposed to years past where I manage to not take any pictures or take them not on Easter!

We're all still smiling, mostly, even though it's after church and before lunch!  Sadly, the girls' tights didn't even make it this long.

The boys wanted to be sure the dog got in the photo.  And I think I forgot to edit one of the whole family, whoops!

Hope's first egg, she just wanted to open it and not look for more

This is the first year for the girls to hunt eggs.  Cory filled and hid them for his little sisters, so fun!

Joy carried her basket around on her arm like a purse!

We had to show them where to look, but they figured it out pretty fast. 

Hope had to stop and eat a piece of candy (M&M's and Skittles) out of EACH one of her eggs.

Joy unfortunately opened her own and promptly lost most of her candy on the ground.

Cory was a blur finding his share of the eggs while Noah wasn't feeling well so he took his time and I actually managed to get him in a picture.

Happy Easter everyone!

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