Thursday, May 22, 2014


I've never had a sister.  I think I always wanted one, but the closest I got was a couple of really good friends.

These two, they will never know life any other way.  As of yet they have hardly been apart for more than an hour and then only infrequently.

I wonder what it will be like.  I hope they will always like each other even if they need their own space.  I see differences and that is good.  They are their own people.

Can you be close if you are alike in all ways?  Or does it take differences?  What will it be like to have someone who has known you for your entire life (and is not a parent or other older person)?

I wonder these things I suppose because I wonder if anyone is close to me.  I don't speak that much about the deep things, it's not in my personality, but if you haven't know me forever, how do you know me?  What does it really take to be close to someone?

Will they know the truth of Proverbs 18:24 better because they have each other?

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  1. Thanks for sharing! Good questions you ask, it is difficult to truly come close to someone.
    I have a sister and it is definitely a huge blessing! Just to know that someone's known you your entire life. But I think you can also have close sisters you didn't grow up with.
    Have a blessed weekend!

  2. Ah, twins. We have twins who're almost three and I LOVE to see the closeness they share. Makes me think the rest of us are missing something, ya know?! Blessings.


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