Tuesday, May 06, 2014

It's Finally Spring!

And we have been doing a TON of things outside the past couple of weeks!  Let the annual mountain of photos begin...

First stop, river train with the MOPS group and Nana.

Joy was NOT happy about the fact that she didn't get to sit with me and couldn't really see me...

After one ride the girls were done.  Even in my lap Hope was whimpering a bit.

But Noah proceeded to ride the train 4 times in a row and probably would have kept going if they hadn't been done for the morning!

Next stop (same day) a hike up the side of a hill with all the 1st graders in Cory's school.  Here he's got deer hooves in his hands. (and it was just me, Nana took the little ones back for lunch and nap time - they would NOT have made it on this hike)

And a part of a deer hide.  It was an outdoor education type field trip and the perfect day for it.  I'm glad we went on Tuesday rather than later in the week when it was in the 80's!

Lots of volunteers just letting the kids have some exposure to things some of them may not otherwise see.

My little mountain man! 

Last stop on the field trip was collecting bugs... I'm rather glad that none of the kids found much, but an earlier class found a scorpion!  I didn't even know we had those around here!

Thursday, the hottest day, we met some friends at the park for lunch... and these two were smart and found a shady spot to eat!

Friday we went out a little earlier and met some other friends.  This park is more shady and smaller to keep track of the kids, but it has more climbing options...

My little daredevil!  And yes, it really is as high as it looks.  No fear!

Best buddies at the park!

Goofy girls, finally figured out how to pick up their feet so their shoes didn't catch on the slide and they could go down FAST.  They didn't want to leave.

I have a feeling we'll be getting to know all the local parks again now!


  1. What fun pictures and adventures! Seeing the outdoor education pics made me excited for hiking season to start.

  2. Allison6:40 PM

    Hi! You left a comment on my post about my twins (and them being tongue-tied)... I wanted to ask you a few questions about the frenotomy-- I'm on the fence about whether or not to have it done on my daughter (she also has posterior tongue tie and swallows so much air when feeding... possibly contributing to her reflux). But I'm worried about pain/after-care... I'd love any advice from you-- I'm Allison from Seattle Local Mom Blog... contact me if you get this! Thanks!


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