Monday, May 26, 2014

It's the End of the Year

And all those awards and special programs to go with it.

Last Wednesday was the awards night at Awana:

Noah had his first year in Cubbies.

Here they are all showing off their singing skilz.

Such a ham!

Cory had his first year in Sparks although he was in the second year because we skipped last year with the girls.

He did get his whole book done and started the second one so we might be able to get one and 3/4 books done next year and finish on time!

Daddy helped with the oldest age group and they were very proud of him!

Thursday all the first graders put on the Ocean Commotion music show at school.

Cory did not have a speaking part, but when I went in that afternoon to help in his classroom they discovered that one of the kids who DID have a speaking part wasn't going to be there that night.  His teacher asked me if we were and gave him the line.

We worked on it on the way to his eye exam and then home.  He delivered!  Loud and clear and with plenty of attitude.  It helped that it was a line about sharks!

Part of the way through the hat got pretty hot so he took it off and was swinging it around...

Then when he put it back on he did this...

My son, the fish head!

And this one is the natural ham so he needed his photo taken too.  It's very sad that we are going to be out of town the week there is a drama camp for 4-7 year olds next month...

I guess they come by it naturally, their Dad loves acting!

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