Thursday, September 04, 2014

On Vertigo and Other Adventures

School started this week for us.  I feel like I've been seeing back to school photos on facebook for weeks and finally ours is here! 

It means we have to get up WAY earlier than we are used to and for some reason it means the girls have decided 6am is a good time to wake up.  But that 10pm is still a good time to go to sleep at night.  I've had full on toddler meltdowns over the smallest things.  Fun times.

But the most fun of all?  Apparently I have lots of fluid built up in my middle ear.  After 6 days of off and on vertigo (I fell over trying to get out of bed at least twice) and constant lightheadedness I finally took myself to the doctor today.  Only to be told that there's not much to be done, but wait for it to go away.  Yay. 

It might possibly be caused by allergies, but I don't have any other symptoms.  So I take Claritin anyway in the hopes that it will help it go away.  And I have a prescription for the dizziness which will make me drowsy... while I have to chase twin toddlers.  Since the dizziness is actually worst when I lie down I guess I'll only get to take that one at night.

They do sit still occasionally...

This is not an auspicious start to the school year.  I had lots of plans and very few of them have happened yet.

But Noah is making new friends and Cory is getting back into the swing of school.  Here's hoping for a better week next week!

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