Monday, September 08, 2014

Road Trip: Montana Wedding Part 1

So, now that it's two months later and our summer of all the crazy is over I have a few minutes to actually get to the pictures I took... back in June!

We left off leaving Yellowstone a day early due to crazy hail and rain. We went back to spend the night with my friend in Bozeman and the next day headed over to Billings for Brian's cousin's wedding.

We stayed at a KOA, which was world's apart from the campground in Yellowstone... we even got a Kabin the first night as we heard it was going to rain again... it did!

The boys climbed this tree and then Noah realized just how far off the ground he was.

Daddy to the rescue!

I have zero pictures from the rehearsal dinner that night, but it was fun.  Time to see most of the family and have yummy food.  Also, the boys having (pool) noodle fights with cousin Keenan.

The next morning we went swimming with Auntie Allison and Cousin Cassia, who got in from Africa at midnight!

Then we went to Cracker Barrel for lunch... sorry, we were not impressed.

These cousins are stair stepped exactly 1 1/2 years apart.  Miss Brooklynn.

Brooklynn's mom Cassandra, and Cassandra's mom, Aunt Cindi!

After a mad dash to change into wedding clothes in Aunt Priscilla's hotel room we made it to the site for family pictures.  Noah fell asleep on the way so he was kind of cranky.

Then to entertain little girls for over an hour until the wedding starts... look Mommy, I'm picking the flowers that are part of the landscaping!  Whoops!

Tea for two!

The monkeys were from Aunt Eloise.  All the kids got one and they were a hit!  Sadly Noah's got switched for William's in August so it's taking a trip to Africa for adventures and hopefully we can trade back in December!

By the time the wedding actually happened we had to put the girls in our baby packs and pace at the edge of the seating area.  But otherwise they did really well.

The groom, Joktan, and cousin Cassandra

Cousin Cassia was distraught after many many hours on a plane and little sleep.  But shredding the grooms boutonniere was fun!

Gorgeous flowers as centerpieces

Joktan proposed to Caitlin after a long hike to the top of Granite Peak.  He actually hiked it once the day before to leave his guitar up there so he could surprise her!

Sadly, the ring got left at base camp on a rock wall and I'm not sure if they ever got it back even though he hiked up again the next day to try and find it.

Next post: actual wedding pictures!  This is why I will never be a wedding photographer, I don't have time to edit that many photos!

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