Thursday, September 04, 2014


Living with the four rowdies that I do, whispers are often hard to hear.

Right now it's late, the house is mostly quiet and the roar inside my head still makes the whispers hard to hear.

The lists of things to do and things undone.  The friends I wish I could spend more time with.  The patience I run out of right around dinner time.

There's a whisper under all of that.  I know it's there, but I can hardly be quiet for long enough to hear it.

The whisper calling my name.

To peace, and rest, and things that are truly important.

And somehow I need to find a way to listen to the whisper...

I know there is a song or poem or something(s) that speaks of this, but it's just eluding my jumbled brain tonight. 

What does it remind you of?

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  1. wishes and whispers... the wants of our hearts, our hearts that are broken from wanting the wrong things sometimes. it's in the rush of noise that the whispers are so hard to hear, as you say, that fail to make us stop and just wish a little for all the good things we want and even need. :)

  2. I so relate to your post about all the noise and making it hard to hear your own voice let alone the whispers. What a call to find peace and rest and quiet even in our chaotic and loud days!


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