Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Lost Month

So... I realize I've been posting only books and Tea sales this month and that's not normal, but neither is being sick for most of a month.  I finally feel like I don't quite have a sleep deficit this week and actually have some energy, but wow that was a long month...

In the meantime... right before all the sickness we went to the Disney Live show my parents got for the kids.

Princesses and Pirates, right up our alley, no?

I wish I had a picture of just how wide Joy's eyes got when she saw Princess Sophia come out on stage.  She turned to me and said "My Princess!" in almost this stage whisper!

The first half of the show was all about Princess Sophia and Noah was a bit bored, but after intermission...

The Pirates came out!  I have to admit that we've watched Jake quite a bit so the music was familiar and it's also just a bit more catchy so Joy was dancing in front of her seat almost the whole time.  So cute!

They even had arial pirates just like in the show, I was quite impressed!

At the end of that half the volcano "explodes" gold doubloons, yes, we collected quite a few pieces of gold tissue paper to bring home after the show!

A very fun show for the kids and really well done!

Then my poor child broke her leg the very next day and it kind of all went downhill from there.  The kids and I all got sick and on top of our cough/cold we all had strep throat and the three little ones got ear infections too!

The only silver lining in being sick meant that we didn't much feel like getting out of the house so it didn't seem to impact Joy as much, not being about to walk around.  She did pretty well scooting around the house after about 3 days, but was also good at not standing on it.

Sister cuddles on the floor!

She was pretty happy to get the okay to walk on it this week.  Who knew you could dance in a cast?  Apparently it automatically puts you on your tip toes in perfect form!

We did also have the Grand Prix races at Awana last week.  Noah made a "shark" car and it was very awesome although Cubbies don't get to officially race.

Cory made a Minecraft car, very flat with a painted on sword.  He came in second place of all Sparkies again this year!

And finally last Friday we got out in this VERY early Spring weather we're having and went for a hike with some friends!  Hooray for getting back to "normal"! 

Now, let the birthdays commence...

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