Monday, March 09, 2015

Bittersweet Birthday

Yesterday was my Mama's birthday! 

We spent the day up there in the amazing sunshine, playing outside and with the dogs.

Then we had cake, way too late, the whole Daylight Saving Time throwing us all off.

Big brother blew out all the candles before anyone else had a chance so they had to be relit to give others an opportunity.

Somehow Noah managed to be late to the party both times, but he'll get his chance next week.


Unfortunately we were all a little sad because my great aunt Patsy passed away the day before.  She had a stroke about a month ago and never recovered.  This was our last family reunion that we got to attend with them in the summer of 2013, she's right in the middle.

She was the relative living closest to us until I was about 10 so she was kind of a second grandma to me and my brother.  One of my favorite memories is how she would give us a new Christmas ornament each year.  I love the tradition so much I'm getting them for my kids.  I should think about doing that for my niece and nephew too, or something.  Anyway, I'm sure it will help me at Christmas time to remember her even more now.

I've been doing a LOT of photo editing lately of old photos, both 10 years old for me, and cleaning up many tens of years old scanned photos.  It's hard to see the changes in people you love, and knowing that some of them are now gone.

Not exactly the happiest of birthdays, but still time to celebrate being with family.

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