Monday, March 16, 2015

Flee! Or in adult speak: Three!

These girls (not babies), are crazy, wild, and amazing. Today they are three.  In some ways it's been such a loooong three years and in other ways I think, oh, I just did that last year, but no, it was actually 4 years ago.  I'm just now coming out of my time warp!

Three is an amazing emerging vocabulary.  A definite idea about how things run, in life, and in our home.  A love for siblings and a pretty good sense of humor. (they get that from their dad)

Three is fake cheesy smiles for the camera and asking for chocolate after Mama is the paparazzi.  It's knowing that today is your birthday and being so excited about that before there is even cake or presents or balloons or Nana and Papa and Auntie Annika for dinner too.

Three is learning to listen and obey and remembering things like not running in the parking lot, finally.  Three has logic and can be reasoned with, and is very good at pointing out how things should go.

Three is 37 1/8 (Hope) and 37 1/4 (Joy) inches tall and 32 3/4 pounds each in size 8 1/2 or 9 shoes.  Still as close as always!

These girls have a pretty amazing twin bond, always wanting to know where the other one is and never too far apart.  They do have quite different personalities in some ways though.  Hope is more verbal, friendly to strangers, and loves to sing!  Joy is a little quieter, but more active, and loves to dance!  Watch out world, they will make an amazing combo!

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  1. Sweet girls!

    Our littlest turns three in April.


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