Friday, June 26, 2015

Father's Day Fun!

My mom booked us a special getaway for Father's Day last weekend, we all went to stay at Patterson Lake up near Winthrop.

View from the cabins

View from the pool up at Sun Mountain Lodge where we went swimming a couple nights.  I'm hoping to go back and stay here sometime sans children.

First night, Mom smoked Brian with a 20 point hand in cribbage!

The point of staying on a lake?  Fishing!  Papa's trying to get all his grandkids hooked.  I think Noah's taken the bait!

First fish!

Second fish, a keeper!  It was flopping all around.

The sisters were quite impressed!

This one was a bluegill and big enough so we kept it for Noah to try... and my mom thought it needed to stay fresh longer so she put it in the cabin sink.  It was funny to watch! (still, ew!)

My brother came up Friday night

A little late evening fly fishing from the dock

Sisters find a way to be silly all the time!

Look who stayed in our cabin and got a morning snuggle!  Uncle Kevin!

Saturday's weather turned out awesome.  The girls played in the nice shallow water...

And the boys played in the boat Uncle Kevin brought up.  Fun times!

More sisters being silly...

With plenty of encouragement from the Nana.

After dinner on Saturday there was a small squirrel out by this tree.  Joy went out to see it and instead of running away it just kind of went in circles slowly around the tree.  She was walking around and talking to it, but I couldn't get to my camera fast enough.  So cute!

Then the other two came out and it ran up the tree farther.

We had our own private "park" right in front of the cabins.  Unfortunately about 20 seconds after I took this picture Joy turned around, swung out on the monkey bars like she had been doing, lost her grip, and fell flat on her face.  Scary!

Sunday morning brought the butterflies out to play!

And how do you keep little girls occupied while you're packing up?

You let them play and they find themselves cabinets to climb into.  Bunkbeds I guess!

Then we had hot chocolate, another 5 minute distraction.

The girls got a short boat ride back across the lake to the boat launch.

Uncle Kevin

Now there's trouble!

Mom and Cory also went horse back riding on Friday morning, but she has those pictures.  All in all, a really fun trip in a gorgeous setting!  Even the mosquitoes weren't too bad, the first night we went out on the dock at dusk and could see the bats swooping the water, probably hundreds of them.  Very cool.

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