Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Kid quotes

Joy likes to go to the "I-berry" to get books
Hope calls lipstick "sticky lips"

Hope singing the Patty Cake song says "and throw it in the oven with baby and me". Oops!

Noah: I like one of the firstondary colors.
Me: Oh, you mean primary?
Noah: Yes, red.

We have a picture book of our cousins from South Africa and on the first page they say Sanibonani, which is Hello, I think in a Swazi dialect.  Hope likes to go around saying it.  It's a fun word!

Having steak for dinner.  You can tell this is not a common occurrence around here because Joy kept asking what we were having and calling it chicken.  When I finally convinced her it was beef she said, "I like this beaver, Mommy!" and could not be convinced to pronounce it "beef".

According to Joy when we go swimming we wear "lice jackets". *shudder*

Also while swimming Cory told me he'd learned how to do a "hamspring". 

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