Friday, July 24, 2015

Book: Goodbye, Magnolia

Wedding photography is Maggie’s passion. The art of capturing a moment forever in time is magical to her, and she’s worked hard to become the best of the best. Week after week, she works with couples as they plan their happily ever afters, but she hasn’t been so lucky in love.

Behind the camera, it’s easy to hide from the pain and rejection of her past. The life she has made for herself is safe and predictable, until the owner of a rival photography studio sets up shop in her small town and comes to her with an unexpected proposal. Suddenly, everything she has worked so hard to build is threatened and her simple, controlled life is thrown into chaos.

As she travels the state of Michigan photographing weddings, she struggles to keep her business afloat and the wall around her heart intact. But along the way, she learns more about loyalty and love than she ever imagined.


Funny thing, this book started out almost exactly the same as the one I read a couple weeks ago, which was a bit odd.  But given that it's a full length novel rather than a novella it really had time to develop the characters and for me at least, this one really felt much more true to life.  It was the perfect length.

Maggie has to deal with someone coming back into her life that she essentially despised since college.  The way she sees the things he does only reinforces the views she has of him.  But is it possible he's changed?

I really truly loved this book and the way it reminded me to not judge other people by only what I can see of their actions.

My only caveat is the ending was missing what I thought should have been there (can't give anything away!), but Krista is working on a sequel and she assures me that scene is in it!  Can't Wait!


Read more about Krista below and find your own copy of Goodbye, Magnolia at Amazon, for Nook or iTunes.

KRISTA NOORMAN is the author of the young adult novel, The Truth About Drew, and the contemporary romance, Goodbye, Magnolia. Most of her life has been spent scribbling away in journals, honing her writing skills, while documenting her every day life. But it wasn’t until she took part in National Novel Writing Month in 2008, that she found her true calling and turned her pen (or rather her computer keyboard) to fiction.

Krista studied music education at Cornerstone University. After college, she turned to her love of photography and spent nearly a decade running her own wedding photography business. She is constantly inspired by books and movies, enjoys beautiful instagram feeds, and loves a great cup of coffee. Krista makes her home in a small town in western Michigan with her husband, Jacob, and their two children.

She writes about life, family, faith and whatever else comes to mind at

Krista sent me a copy of her book to review.  All opinions are my own.

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