Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Wordless Wednesday: Kitchen Tear Down

We're living with my long suffering parents right now because it's kind of hard to have 4 kids in a house with no kitchen. Good thing I like my frozen veggies frozen because I couldn't warm them up if I wanted to!

This is what my messy kitchen used to look like, yes, complete with awesome yellow countertops.

Cabinets removed. You find some pretty gross stuff should down the side of the stove when you can't clean it...

The reason for the new kitchen... Major water damage and dry rot.

It was more extensive than we thought, going into the wall plate and out under the main part of the floor requiring that we rip up and replace the floor. That messed up the schedule.

Everything repaired, now begins the reinstallation.

Totally empty kitchen with new flooring base.

My living room is inaccessible. Another reason why the kids can't be here!

Yesterday my job was, new paint!  Random pattern and all.

Tomorrow, the cabinets start going in, next week new floor and when we set the old countertops back on temporarily we might get to come back... Although we still won't have a functioning sink. Next up, plumbing repair.

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