Thursday, April 28, 2016

Awana Awards Night!

We ended our Awana club early this year due to spring sports and some of the leaders coaching and being in the local play.

The girls were so proud of their ribbons for finishing their first Cubbies books.  They love teacher Krista there in front of them too.

Noah finished his entire first Sparks book and reviewed it and was getting started on the "extra credit" book.

Cory didn't finish his book for T&T, but according to the director the books were really hard so no kids finished them and they are actually revamping the curriculum next year.  He also got a late start due to soccer season and missing the first 6 weeks or so in the fall.

My Awana crew! 

Daddy is a leader so Mommy got a free evening once week about half the time this year.  They all love it!

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