Tuesday, April 05, 2016


Four is...

full of energy,

and spunk,

and sass!

It's knowing all your letters and pointing them out.  It's writing your name on things and wanting to know what specific things say in books.

Four is very independent... when you want to be!

Four is conversations about all the things in the world and observing all the little details.  It's wanting to help do everything Mommy is doing and yet not when you are asked! 

Both girls are still almost identical in height and weight although they go back and forth by who is bigger by quarters of an inch and a pound or two.  They come in slightly smaller than average for their age, but considering they are twins and were fairly small to start with that's normal!  About 41 inches tall and 38-39 pounds.  They wear size 4 and a few 5's. 

They live in their own twin world, so different than the boys at this age that I remember.  They are so keyed into each other that they will go and do what the other one is doing and I think simply not even hear anyone else, especially if they are moving.

These girls are so engaging and active.  They are the same yet different in a million different ways.  Many days it's exhausting trying to keep up with them and yet twin snuggles make everything right in the world.  I love my girls!

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