Friday, February 29, 2008

11 months old!

Seriously, where does the time go?!!

Here are the pictures of my not-so-baby-boy yesterday on his 11 month birthday...

I am into everything and I found a golf ball that Daddy confiscated from a student. I steal anything I can get out of his tray including the licorice mints from Grandma, a small Nalgene full of dice (this one I really like because it rattles), pens, keys... look out, you'll never be able to find your keys Daddy!

Pet the bunny. He's my friend!

I'm fascinated by his ears...

Look at me Mom, I'm just too cute!

This past month... Cory finally got the matching tooth on the bottom so he has 8 teeth. He's started clapping. He will take one step for Brian (and then lean and expect to be caught) if placed standing in front of him. He is into EVERYTHING! We've tried to teach him to stay out of the kitchen. ie, don't cross the line where the carpet changes to linoleum. This morning I was not paying attention (okay, I was hoping he would play and let me nap on the couch) and I heard him start "talking". I got up and found that he had crawled into the kitchen and pulled himself up on the chair where I set his tray. He was eating his Cheerios off the tray. It was so cute I couldn't punish him. I guess he was trying to tell me it was time for breakfast!


  1. He's a real cutie! Happy 11th month day!

    blog hopping - etcetera

  2. He is adorable!! And your son is cute too.

    blog hopping on by......

  3. Happy 11 month milestone! You are right. It does go by so fast. I constantly and trying to figure out a way to freeze time.

    Anastasia Beaverhousin

  4. Oh, he's such a cutie! Almost 1 year, WOW!

    I also meant to tell you that your hair looks great and that I love to hear that you donated it. I have a friend who basically grows her hair out just so she can cut it and donate it! What a wonderful cause.

  5. They sure are fun and curious at this age.

    Up until my Unruly was three, her favorite place was the kitchen. She would pull every freakin' pot and pan and lid out of the cabinets and beat on them with wooden spoons. Then she'd hide in the cabinets or sit and spin in my big metal mixing bowls. Great fun!

  6. What a cute bunny!!! And kid too!

    Our son was in to everything at this age....the only thing I can tell you is that it seems to be a stage. Hopefully, he'll find more interests soon :)

  7. Anonymous8:38 PM

    Aww! What a cutie!

    Happy Saturday! Blog Hoppin'! :-)
    "Margarita Mom"

  8. Anonymous9:48 PM

    What a sweetheart there with the bunny! One day he'll steal all the girl's hearts.


  9. Anonymous9:14 AM

    That's one huge bunny and one very cute kid! And evidently can take care of himself just fine!

  10. Anonymous10:14 AM

    What a cutie! They do grow so fast. The first milestones are terrific and fun though, huh?

    *Madaise ~ Blog Hopper!*

  11. Anonymous3:39 PM

    Wow! He's so tall for 11 months! Adorable!

  12. Is he ever adorable!
    Blog hoppin!


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