Friday, February 08, 2008

The Sick Update

Somewhere along the line this week Cory and I caught the flu. Yuck. At least it wasn't the throwing up kind, but it's still put me out for 2 days and Cory has been CRANKY! We also got a nasty cough which may or may not be related.

Sadly, we also had some friends coming to visit this weekend who couldn't make it over the mountains since all the passes are closed due to avalanches. We're having some weird weather this year. It was below freezing here for a couple weeks, we have way more snow than we've gotten in years, and now in the last 3 days the temps have been so high (45 is high! ;) it has melted all the snow on south facing yards and a lot of it in shaded areas. Including our parking lot though so I'm happy about that! Today it was so windy they closed the ski area (100 mph winds will do that!).

I got some pictures in the mail today from Shutterfly that I was going to give to various people. I was so excited about one in particular of Cory that looked all old fashioned. It came back green!!! It didn't look green on my computer and I didn't mess with the color balance on this one, so I can't imagine why it printed facial tones green. I did adjust the highlights a bit and that seems to be where the green shows up. So can anyone tell me if that's my problem or their printing machine reading the picture wrong. So frustrating either way!

On a totally unrelated side note, 5 Minutes for Mom is giving away $100 to the Healthy Child. This would be cool! It also highlights some interesting research about SIDS being caused by toxic chemicals in baby mattresses. Hmmm. I'm almost not sure if this is good or bad considering now I'm worried and these things aren't exactly cheap so that everyone can afford one. Ay!


  1. Anonymous11:15 PM

    Sorry to hear you have all been sick. We have had the crud at my house also and there is nothing worse than feeling bad when the kids are sick.

  2. Get well soon! Theres nothing like a sick baby and sick momma. Not fun at all.

  3. Anonymous8:23 PM

    oh i can sympathize with being sick! i found out today i have pinkeye. still trying to figure out exactly how i came into it. blaming my co-workers!

    hope you're feeling better.

    (Senora Patron - drinkin' and buzzin' on a Friday nite.)


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