Sunday, February 10, 2008

So Long, Farewell

Yeah, you know the rest of the song, and no, I'm not singing it!

So, I killed my computer yesterday... which means that I will have super limited internet access for awhile. Brian's computer has been dead for a few weeks, but he has a work laptop he can bring home. (hence the reason I'm even getting to post this now). Unfortunately I don't know if I'll be able to put any pictures on here, and the camera has to be sent away to be fixed anyway, so sorry for the lack of pictures in the near future family.

I guess you could say that this has not been our month for technology.

On the bright side, maybe I'll get a few more of my other projects done... :)

For future reference? Don't try to take apart a laptop and vacuum it to get the dust out!


  1. Oh no! That's awful. I dread computer problems!

  2. No way! Really? Taking apart a laptop...? You are brave.

    Kind of sounds like something I'd do though. Hope you are back soon!!

  3. Lol! Well we'll see you when we see you, I guess.

  4. Anonymous6:05 PM

    You did WHAT? With your vacuum??
    On a total aside, my word verification says fuck. Is that normal?

  5. Ah....with a vacuum, huh? I have to say that I've never heard of that technique before. :)

    I hope thing are looking up!

  6. I once saw a tech take my laptop apart to install a new screen. He had all of these mats to keep the static down. He's the one who told me not to take the laptop apart. Otherwise, I'd be right there with you.

    Blog Hopping-HP

  7. Aww, too bad about that ! I would be in serious withdrawal without my laptop! Hope things get back up to speed soon!
    Bloghoppin Pomtini

  8. just thought i'd pop by(you commented on my blog). Than I found this post. I know the pain of losing a laptop. my 'original' just quit on me one day. it had all of the toddlers' pictures on it(she was an infant at the time) thankfully I had them all backed up. I can't wait till my shiny new laptop comes to replace this one. It has become a rather big PITA.

  9. Awww! That sounds like something I would do! I love to vacuum my computer out. ... that reminds me... my desk has dust bunnies lurking...

  10. I've had a bad tech streak going for about 2-3 months now - computers, cars, water heaters.

    Here's hoping that your technical mojo is better than mine.

    Blog hopping,

  11. Thanks for the tech tip.

  12. Anonymous12:27 PM

    I'll keep that in mind. My condolences. Hope you get up and running again soon!

    Thank you for stopping by and for commenting.


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