Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Hair today, gone tomorrow...

Or, er, yesterday!

And guess what! My magical computer doctor fixed my computer! So I can actually post pictures ($230 later). He had a replacement motherboard from another identical laptop that he charged me below market price for. Yay!

And in case you think I got ripped off, I did not. It would have cost $160 just to get all the data off my computer (think thousands of lost pictures) and I still would not have had a computer. So I'm happy with this situation! (yes, I will now be backing up all my pictures on CD on a monthly basis!)

Now, on with the show.

Cory has been pulling my hair like crazy. He thinks it's a handle. Sometimes I don't mind, but I was thinking short would mean he could only get into it when I let him.

Here you can see how long it was in the "before" shot.

For the 3rd time in my life I have donated my hair to Locks of Love. If you're thinking about cutting off some long hair make sure you donate it. It's for kids who have cancer so they can have wigs. Awesome.

Are you ready?

This is what my hair looked like after the cut and style (note: it will never look like this again!)

This is what my hair will probably look like on a more regular basis.

I am not and will never be a girl who spends more than 15 minutes on her hair on any normal day (getting dressed up fancy is a totally different story!)

And this is a pretty good self portrait of me and the boy!

Yay, to the grandparents for letting us borrow the camera while ours is getting repaired!


  1. I like it a lot. It's about the same length as mine and I think I want mine even shorter. I'm so with you on spending more than 15 minutes on my hair, it's just not worth it.

  2. Anonymous7:06 AM

    Hi, I am Krista's grandma from Indiana. I would love to talk via email and check out your side of the Bibby family! It is so great to connect with another Krista Bibby! By the way, I love your haircut. Email me when you get a chance at bibbymj at mintel dot net.

  3. I found you at Fussy's. I like the haircut - I did one myself a few weeks ago.

    Short is awfully easy, although my kids are past the pulling stage, so I didn't even think of that benefit!

    Congrats on the new 'do!

  4. Cute, cute cut! It's "peppy" and looks so easy to take care of!

    I got mine cut short short this summer...and while I loved it at first, it's now a love/hate relationship and I'm thinking about letting it grow out again.

    Very nice portrait of you and the boy! That's a keeper and a framer.

  5. Anonymous4:21 AM

    Krista, love the hair, and I'm so glad for you to hear that your computer was fixable! Praise God! Allison

  6. Your hair looks great! And good for you for donating...I've never gotten mine long enough.

  7. love the hair! i stopped by after seeing that you won the contest over on elaine's blog! congrats!

  8. Congrats on donating! I just donated a few weeks ago, and feel great about it. A fellow blogger is collecting blogger names of people who have donated this year, and trying to get a running tally, if you're interested in getting your name on the list . Here is the blog site for Melissa http://melissagarrett.wordpress.com/

    Your hair looks great!

  9. Cute haircut! It's very flattering on you!

  10. Krista, your new haircut is DARLING!! And so is the picture of you and Cory. I follow your blog on a regular basis. Thanks for note on my blog. Will have to make a trip back to Clatskanie one of these days for some pizza! haha. Hello to your folks. Bev

  11. Anonymous4:28 AM

    Fantastic! It looks wonderful, and I love the picture of you and your son. :-)

    I will add your name and link to the roster today!

  12. Anonymous5:25 AM

    Love the new 'do! I'm too much of a chicken to do anything drastic like that so I admire those that can!

    (BlogHopping with coffee)

  13. My six year old has decided to donate her hair when it gets long enough.

    You look good with shorter hair.

    Blog hopping--HP

  14. very cute hair!

  15. Anonymous5:52 AM

    Very cute style. You really cut a lot off. How brave! I like shorter hair in general. Whenever mine is long I become ponytail girl. Short hair forces me to style it :)

  16. I just stumbled upon your blog via simple. I have a 14 month old and just chopped my hair off too! (Though, it was a pregnancy thing (due with baby number 2!)

  17. omg your hair looks fabulous! i'm so very very jealous! i need to do a whack it off moment but don't trust anyone and cannot afford the $70+ to go to the gal who used to cut mine. *sigh* yes. very jealous. it's adorable!

  18. Anonymous5:04 AM

    You look good in your haircut. I'd say you look younger than when your hair was long. Hmmm, maybe time to cut mine too. :-)


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