Sunday, October 11, 2009

Mom's Night Out

After the crazy week that I had with my friends in California I had one night at home and then I was off for a girl's night with some of my mom friends! You might say this was the antithesis of the previous few days and boy, did I need it!

Of course my friends also took pity on me and let me drive so I didn't have to cook... yeah!

First we went to the local pool where Amy lives. Then we had a yummy chicken salad dinner. Then we went for a nice walk in the woods. Thrilling, I know!

Me, Mee Sook, Amy, Becca, and Tobiah

The most eventful part of the whole time was when the indoor fire alarm went off at 3am! We're talking old school big round red bell type fire alarm. I was sleeping in a bedroom behind a bedroom so I didn't immediately hear it and finally got up to find my friends clustered around a notification panel in their room. We had no idea why it went off or how to turn it off! Thankfully I'm a read-a-holic and had read the "safety manual" for the chalet we were staying in and knew that it said something about the control panel being in the furnace room in the basement. Amy's job is to clean this house so she knew where the furnace room was and after a few minutes we figured out how to turn it off.

After calming ourselves down we went back to bed... but all three of the other girls ended up in the same bedroom since we weren't entirely sure what had set the alarm off and if it wasn't an intruder (probably animal type considering where we were!).

Tobiah working on walking (he's 1 now and walking everywhere!)

Other than that adventure it was the perfect relaxing day and I was so thankful to my friends for planning it!

I got home Sunday afternoon in time for Brian to leave for Olympia again. I had 2 days at home to organize and do laundry and then we were off to stay with him for a couple days... more on that later!


  1. That's great that you are getting some mom out time :)

  2. that was a fun weekend. we need to do that more often... just not the fire alarm part! :)


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