Friday, October 23, 2009

Oregon Coast Part 2

Okay, second half of our week at the beach...

We actually had one day of really nice sunny weather. While enjoying the beach we tried to fly kites. This is as high as a kite ever got. For being the coast it was amazingly calm that day!

"Walking" the kite became quite the exercise for Derald and Brian, trying to get one of the kites to take off!

We had a visitor a couple of times. This particular evening the back door was open while we were cooking dinner so I'm sure that's what drew him in. He probably would have come right in too, if we hadn't had the screen door shut!

Sunset from the house

We had to make a stop at our favorite glass float factory. Here the lady is making the glass ball that we will pick up the next day. In the reflection just to the left of her you can see some finished ones. This is the third one in our collection and we love them!

The glass factory is in this funky little strip mall/tourist trap area. It has life size pirate characters, sea animals, and this cool little pirate ship!

Cory likes driving it!

Here's another of our favorite Free Willy pictures like I posted earlier this summer.

On Friday we girls went to find a quilt show I'd seen advertised. We were kind of bummed when we found out it cost money and almost didn't go in... but it was so worth it!

I swear this picture is straight... does it look like it to you? This quilt was my favorite just because of the optical illusion it created! It doesn't hurt that the color scheme is one of my favorites...

The picture below is a collage of the rest of my favorites. I made it larger than normal so if you click on it you'll get a decent image you can scroll around on for close ups. The above pictured quilt is twin size and if I had to pick a favorite that I could use on my bed it would be the blue one in the center right. It was called Alaskan something and it was just gorgeous. They had used colors of fabric that kind of faded into each other.

The top right quilt was a geometric quilt made out of the same 8" hexagon cut in different ways. It was amazingly well done! Bottom left and right quilts were oriental in nature with the one on the right being a tribute to the 1000 cranes story.
And finally the top center one was done entirely by hand... you probably can't see the quilting, but the white portion of the quilt is all quilted to within less than 1/2 an inch and it's incredibly even!

While we were at the quilt show my dad and Brian went deep sea salmon fishing! They caught a ton of fish, but had to throw most of them back (you can only keep hatchery fished, identified by the dorsal fin being clipped off). They had a good time though and Brian had bought into some crab pots which netted a total feast! 25 crabs for $20 and fresh too! Too bad I don't like crab...

The whole crew: Grandma, Grandpa, Allison, Cory, Papa, Nana, Me, and Brian

Where will we go next summer???

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