Monday, October 05, 2009

Two and a half

My little son turned two and a half at the end of September. Wasn't it just last year he was born? How can it be over two years already? But I do so enjoy his company! He talks amazingly well for his age and since he's such a big boy most people think he's at least 3.

He still says some funny things though. Shishkabobs were "shoo shoo finger spots" or "shik a pots". For some reason he calls all fire extinguishers "English". It took me a long time to figure that one out!
He used to say "mac n' noner cheese". He can say it right now, but sometimes still reverts to this! And he sometimes likes the things that I say and will tell me to repeat them: Mama say "oh, man".

If he wants to be picked up to see something in particular he will say "hang me up so I can see X". I love it!

When he first learned his whole name I overheard him... maybe in his bed at naptime, saying "Cory Elias (last name)". It was so darn cute! He was just repeating it over and over again in a little sing-song voice.

Most of the time he gets verb tenses and plurals right, but he still has some idiosyncratic phrases. Whenever he wants us to look at him he says "see me".

Still loves to wear ALL of great-grandma's necklaces at the same time!
(Nana in the background)

He really likes a couple of large stuffed animals I have sitting by my bed. He'll drag them out and pretend they are his babies. He put the bear up on the changing table and said, "Do you need a clean diaper, bear?" Then he brought the bunny out (not his bunny, this one's green) and put it in his high chair. He asked, "What would you like to eat, bunny" and "okay" as if the bunny had answered him!

Lately he's started playing more make believe with his own toys. Pretending that he's going to the grocery store with his mini grocery cart and things like that. He'll also make up stories to tell!

Bath towel head!

Which is not to say that two and a half is all smiles and happiness. Along with all this development Mr. Cory has decided that he is quite independent. We're working on not running the other direction when called and not contradicting everything Mama says...
Apparently he's also been having issues listening to the nursery workers at church and we're not quite sure how to handle that since we're not there.

Supervising... complete with large bowl of popcorn!

My parents have been doing a lot of work on their house lately and the latest addition is these brick in the back to hopefully prevent water/ice/snow from building up and creating a skating rink on the patio in the winter.

My parent's neighbor made this awesome chair just for Cory and Papa painted it red!

Cory loves to help with the sweeping, inside or out!

I certainly don't miss anything in daily life with Cory around. He's so observant when we're out or riding in the car. He notices all different kinds of trucks, cars, signs, and businesses. Often he will ask me about something that we've passed and it's either so familiar to me I don't think about it or I just plain didn't notice and have to quickly look in my mirror to see what he's talking about!

A leftover fruit box makes a good toy, don't you think?

He also has an amazing memory. Just today we went to a fruit warehouse/store which we haven't been to in months and he remembered that we usually get popcorn there (free samples). We also get cookies at Safeway and the bread store! This is just one example that I can think of. He also remembers people and places very well.

Oh, and books! He loves to read books with us, often the same ones over and over... and then he will repeat verbatim whole pages of stories. Sometimes he will say quotes randomly (especially from the Disney book Cars) and we will have to stop and think because it's so out of context to what we're doing!

Look Mama! I'm washing my toes in the sink! (we've been washing his feet to put some medicine on them and he just climbed right up and did it himself!)

Bubble bath!

First time ever. Always before he would refuse to get in if I put bubbles in the bath, but he now thinks this is the coolest thing ever!

I don't think he quite understands what a "baby in Mama's tummy" means, but I'm sure he'll make an awesome big brother!

And the most recent bunny picture can be seen here if you haven't seen it already!


  1. it does go really fast, the second and third were even faster. Its fun when they get in school and start learning to read and write. they get so excited about what they have accomplished. good luck with kid number two!

  2. Anonymous8:14 PM

    This put a huge smile on my face at the end of a long day- thanks!! :)

    Auntie A

  3. He's growing up so fast - but he is just so cute!!

  4. You've been blessed with such a cute kid! And be prepared, from here on time will go super fast! Kids are constantly changing and learning and it's hard to keep up.

    Some days it seems like Emma is 5 going on 15. Sigh...

  5. He's definitely going to make a great big brother.


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