Thursday, October 29, 2009

PSF: Happy Halloween!

Every year we get pumpkins and every year it seems a race to actually carve them before Halloween... last year I don't think we even made it!

This year, success. Pumpkin size relates to it's owner, although Mama carved Cory's.

Cory doesn't really "get" Halloween, but he loves pumpkins (has been pointing them out to me for weeks), thinks being a lion will be awesome (complete with roar), and of course loves candy!

Now, here's hoping it doesn't snow on Saturday as it can and has been trying to this week!

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  1. cute jack o lanterns. :)

    happy PSF! I hope Halloween is fabulous!

  2. Great jack o lanterns!

    We never carve our pumpkins until either the night before or day of Halloween. I suppose that is because it is usually warm in Southern California and a carved pumpkin doesn't last long in the heat. :)

    Happy PSF!

  3. Did Cory grow up suddenly or what! I like the tradition of Halloween. Wish we could carve pumpkins too. Pristine would love it.

  4. oh cute! we carved ours last night too. I like the mickey mouse one. If you want to wander down my road I’m home.

  5. Love the pumpkins :)

  6. Not only did we NOT have snow we had a weird warm day.. go figure??

    Love your pumpkins!!

  7. Cute pumpkins! I love the Mickey one! We are just lame-o here and do your basic jack!


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