Monday, November 23, 2009

County Fair

Back in September we went to the county fair... it was Cory's first time! He was pretty excited that we were going to meet Nana and Papa there, but he found some other things that he liked...

Every time we walked past Sparky the fire dog he had to stop and say "hi". Here he is giving Sparky a "boo ya" with his fist. He was fascinated, but this is about as close as he would get to him!

There were lots of animals that you could pet. Sheep, rabbits, even the pigs!

Of course the best part about the whole place was the tractors displayed that he could climb on...

Making sure it works right, Papa!

We also went with some friends of ours, here are her boys also enjoying the tractors.


Azriel really got into it!

Then we found this water safety dragon that would talk... At first I thought it was pre-recorded, but when he started responding appropriately to the kids and using their names I started trying to figure out how, because it was a male voice and the lady obviously wasn't talking. I finally saw over behind him in one of the empty booths a man with a headset and a microphone in his hand. There must have been a mic on the dragon as well so he could hear. The little jet ski the dragon is in moved and having him talk, all the kids were totally fascinated.

A very fun day at the fair!


  1. Love the shirt! M has that one, too. Good taste, Mom! ;)

  2. love the pics and I can see why those were his favorite. Doesn't every boy love tractors?


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