Monday, November 02, 2009

My Little Lion

Our lovely friend Holly loaned us her son's Lion costume that he wore last year and Cory just barely fit into it. (and he is an entire year younger than her son)
Cory was so excited to be a lion! He had his ROAR down pat.

The ROAR face

We went to our church's event called Light the Night. Cory got a glow light necklace from a lady behind us in line and he was more interested in playing with that than saying Trick or Treat.

And he kept wanting to hold onto the candy rather than put it in his bag. Here he's checking out the loot.

We did see some people we knew and of course they were impressed by his ROAR!

A fun time and thankfully not too cold out this year since Cory could only fit a t-shirt under the costume!


  1. cute! glad to see you had lots of fun

  2. Be. still. my. heart.

    He's too adorable!

  3. Too cute! I would have loved to hear him ROAR!


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