Thursday, April 29, 2010

PSF: Carnival Time

It's our local Apple Festival here and so there is the ubiquitous food fair. We love to go have dinner every year just because it's fair food... not because it's really all that good! Although we did go for seconds on the mini-donuts that the Young Life booth was selling. Yum!

I did not try these, I just couldn't believe the oxymoron...

Then we went down to the carnival to let Cory try the rides. Last year we bought one ticket and he rode on the motorcycles. He bawled when it quit because he didn't want to get off.

So this year we bought him his own ride bracelet (rip off) and he rode until it was past bedtime. The first one he wanted to go on was these helicopters that went up in the air and then around. I wish I'd had my camera ready the first time he came around... the grin on his face was amazing.

Then over to the cars...

And here are the motorcycles from last year. In exactly the same spot and I'm sure that some of the ride attendants were the same as last year too!

Then he went on some kind of space ride where he actually controlled when it went up and down. Except he didn't realize he controlled it and was making it bounce and that kind of freaked him out. After that he wanted to go on the dragon roller coaster... except he made it halfway around and started crying he was so scared. I managed to catch the attendants attention and he let him off after 3 trips around. He got off saying it was "kind of scary"! I guess there are different levels of kiddy rides!

But the boat rides were the perfect level... and my goof ball son decided he wanted to ride the boat backwards!
All in all, he had a blast! Although for my pocketbook's sake I'm glad this only comes to town once a year!

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  1. Lovely pictures telling of a great day out.

  2. (snicker, snicker) ... you just said, "pocketbook" ... like my grandma!

  3. Fun, great smiles. hate the dang scary ones.... sneaky things!


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