Friday, May 21, 2010

PSF: Train!

Cory loves all things train so my college roommate brought him this awesome train that she made this weekend!  (She works at a lab where they get highly sensitive equipment in fancy boxes so this one is actually very sturdy)

Cory wanted Nana to go along for a ride...

I think he was pretty happy about this present!

And yes our neighbors have flamingos in their yard
(as well as a toilet - which they are growing strawberries in... I'm not asking!)


  1. That. Is. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

    Strawberries in the toilet, huh? Wow.

  2. The smile on his face clearly says he is having the time of his life in that cardboard train. :) Sometimes I wish we can be like kids all the time, very easy to please and what pleases kids isn't too hard to get.

  3. Very neat train! I also love the flamingos... might get a couple for my flowers! :)

  4. Thats so cute :)

    Interesting neighbors for usre!!

  5. Yeah, I don't think I would eat anything grown out of a toilet. WTH?

    That train is total awesomeness! What a lucky little boy!

  6. My kids would be SO jealous! Heck I'M jealous! What a great gift your friend gave...Cory looks so thrilled. I Love it!!


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