Friday, May 28, 2010

Rain, Rain, Random

Seriously I feel like I'm living in Oregon again.  It has NOT rained just one day this week.  This time of year it's usually 80+ degrees out!  With all the gloom I have a serious lack of motivation.  Plus I have a 3 year old trapped inside who wants all my attention.  However on the plus side it means that the yard and garden are getting watered for free!

When we went to visit the Great grandparents last month we watched a little parade.  One of the floats had a square dancing group and as they drove by us they were doing the Hokey Pokey... which Cory remembers as the Hunky Punky.  So this morning while I was in the shower he came in and wanted me to sing the "Hunky Punky".  The kid has an amazing memory...

In other Cory news... yesterday I gave Noah a bath as we were having our picture taken for the church directory last night (more on that later).  I left the baby bath tub in the tub and Cory was "washing" his bath toys in it.  While I was dressing Noah I suddenly heard him talking to himself, "I peed on myself, I need to take a bath".  When I got back in the bathroom I find that yes, he had peed on the rug (grrr!), but then he had taken all his clothes off, climbed in the tub, and was perched in Noah's bathtub.  Yes, I did take a picture as it was hilarious, but no, I'm not posting it online!

Now for the church directory picture... we had this done 3 years ago when Cory was about the age Noah is now.  So I found that same outfit for Noah to wear - score!  I also managed to get relatively coordinating colored shirts for the rest of us to wear.  I didn't think it would be so difficult to get a family picture, but Noah was awake and fussy and the worst part was the photographer.  He made all kinds of funny noises with his mouth, presumably to get kids' attention.  But he was so in your face and brusque about positioning us that Cory was afraid of him.  Which meant that he wouldn't look at him or the camera.  So, the very first picture of the family is the only one that was decent.  And the only one where he is actually smiling Brian is holding him and I'm standing behind the photographer telling him to say "pickles" rather than "turkey".  Who tells someone to say "turkey" anyway?

And now while I'm writing this my son has just come to tell me that he "wants some more to eat" for the third time.  Hello, where did my child go that takes an hour to eat?  For lunch he's already had: a hotdog, some peas and carrots, string cheese, frozen cherries and blueberries (like a whole cupful), Ritz crackers, and graham crackers.

Hope you all have a good holiday weekend!  We'd work in the yard... if it would quit raining!


  1. Rain! that's something we wouldn't have here until November again!

    Will you post the family picture? it would be great to see all your smiles.

  2. I don't remember being shy for the camera or afraid of the photographer when I was small. In face I always had a big smile showing my teeth in my pictures. Then again I had a younger cousin who was too shy for the camera. They had to give him candies and such just to make him sit down during a photo shoot on family gatherings. LOL! =D

  3. Why does this description sound so familiar, except for the kids part?

    I took Friday off work to work in the garden. It rained. It continued to rain all day Saturday and Sunday. On Monday, we finally gave up, dressed ourselves in plastic garbage and grocery bags, and went out to the garden anyway. We finished shortly after the sun finally came out at about 6pm.

  4. Krista-
    That guy took our picture right before yours. He was awful and my son reacted the same way. What bugged me the most is that when it obviously was not working, he still didn't back off. If you want to get some good family pictures, I would recommend Joy Farr. She is the only one who has been able to get really good pictures of Isaiah and I. I'm enjoying your blog. I got to it from Joy's.

  5. Hi Melia,
    Unfortunately I can't email you... but I wondered how you had fared with that... :) Did you know there's a survey on your receipt? I highly recommend you do it so other people don't have to go through this!
    Also, yup, love Joy's pictures, but my dad takes ours usually! :)


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