Monday, May 17, 2010

Train Party!

Since Cory's 3rd birthday was right around the time Noah was due to be born (and we didn't know he'd be so early!) I scheduled his train party for May instead.  Bonus, the weather was definitely better!

We have this awesome small gauge railway in the park downtown and you can reserve it for a private party for a great donation price!  We invited some friends and of course all the grandparents came.  It turned out to be a great party!

Getting ready to ride with Auntie Allison and Papa behind.

For the party they run the train 3 times and it's a good 10 minute ride at least.  It goes down the park completely out of sight of the station.  Sometimes the cars even "derail" so you have to stop and fix it!
Auntie Allison enjoyed the ride...

Cory riding with his Grandpas!

My friend Nate, that I've known for about 10 years was the engineer!

 All the Grandma's riding!

Cory didn't want to go on the third ride, but we walked down a ways and he waved as they all went by!  Poor kid was still a bit under the weather from puking all night Thursday.  That was not a fun time...

Noah was not a happy boy, but I had plenty of hands to hold him!  And after this the family came back to our house for dinner... and installing an air conditioner.  Good thing too because it was 80* and with 12 people in our house quite warm!  All in all a fun day!


  1. How COOL is THAT!?

    What a really neat train. Sounds like your party was a blast!

  2. What a great party :) So cute!

  3. Sure seems like fun!!!! I love the train especially if its a party train -:)

  4. Hi! Stopping by from MBC. Great blog.

    Have a nice day!


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